Integrating Crystal and Cores, Guiding the Future of the Semiconductor Supply Chain
Core technology
We have broken through traditional flexible film packaging technology by utilizing ultra-thin photoresist coating, specialized etching equipment, and chemical solutions to achieve a high etching factor with line width and line spacing of 8 microns each. This allows for the design of more circuits within a fixed chip size, resulting in higher display performance of the panel. By employing roll-to-roll equipment, we have designed stable horizontal tension transmission and stable baking transmission equipment, enabling ultra-high precision OLB TTL Pitch expansion and contraction control technology for entire rolls of material. The expansion and contraction control is within 0.03%, significantly improving the yield of IC binding and glass lamination of the produced COF carriers. Additionally, we utilize flexible solder mask and circuit surface treatment methods to enhance the flexibility of the COF carriers, ensuring higher reliability during the subsequent assembly process.
  • Fabrication Thickness Process for Roll-to-Roll Ultra-Thin Applications
  • Ultra-Fine Circuitry Fabrication Process:
  • High Flexibility Fabrication Process